About Us

The Disaster Management Institute (DMI) was set up in 1987 by the Government of Madhya Pradesh (GoMP) as an autonomous organization in the aftermath of the world’s worst ever industrial disaster in Bhopal. In homage to its victims, the establishment of DMI is a commitment to ensure that grim ‘Bhopal’ never recurs. 

 DMis recognized as one of the premier Institute in the area of Disaster Management at national level.  Over the years, DMI has organized more than 2000 training programmes building capacity of nearly 50,000 persons in various aspects of disaster management.  DMI is recognized as Centre of Excellence in “Management of Chemical Accidents”. DMI is also recognized as one of the few third party inspection agencies (TPIAS) for certification of Emergency Response and Disaster Management Plan (ERDMP) documents for midstream and downstream activities of oil & gas sector.